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Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Associate Director for Research – An Open-Rank Special Professional Faculty Position
The University of Notre Dame announces a new rank-open special professional faculty position as Professor of the Practice in Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics (AD&T) to serve as the Associate Director for Research (AD-R). Duties will span teaching (20%), research (40%), and service (40%). Teaching responsibilities will focus on outreach and multi-PI efforts, especially as it relates to AD&T’s translational mission and multi-PI and Research Center projects. Research responsibilities will be executed through opportunities for collaborative research, fitting into the scientific framework of AD&T. The AD-R is expected to identify and apply for funding on behalf of AD&T and may also apply for research grants for collaborative research. Service responsibilities will involve oversight of research administrative functions within AD&T, as well as primary responsibility for developing and maintaining the community around the Initiative and the scientific thrusts of AD&T. View the Full Job Description