First Year of Studies

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The First Year of Studies:  Burke, Hofman, Kolman Post-Doctoral Fellowship

The First Year of Studies (FYS) at the University of Notre Dame is pleased to announce the availability of a post-doctoral fellowship created to honor its three former Deans (William M. Burke, Emil T. Hofman, and Eileen Kolman) each of whom played an important role in establishing FYS as one of the country's elite programs for first-year students. Its purpose is to allow a person at or near the beginning of an academic career to gain valuable experience in educational administration, advising, and the one-to-one mentoring of students crossing the threshold into collegiate life.

The candidate selected will be appointed as a teaching fellow within the college. This title reflects an understanding of first-year advising as an integrative and holistic pedagogical encounter in which students work toward a specific set of FYS learning objectives and in so doing: (1) understand the aims of a liberal education in the Catholic tradition; (2) discover their unique intellectual passions; and (3) prepare themselves to make informed choices as to intended college, major, and vocation. Read More